At AMPOTEL, we are committed to the future of a better connected world.

AMPOTEL - Energy IndustryEnergy Industry - AMPOTEL is experienced in providing complete solution for various kinds of modern energy projects involving high-voltage overhead transmission and distribution systems, large-scale solar energy harvest and low-voltage rural distribution systems, etc. We offer complete solution covering supply of steel towers, bare conductors, ground cables, fittings, termination kits, measurement instrument, other accessories as well as heavy-duty transportation equipment.
AMPOTEL - Event IndustryEvent Industry - AMPOTEL is a supplier of choice for industry's leaders in the event industry. We supply highly reliable and innovative interconnect components, such as robust, waterproof, miniaturized connectors, "cut-to-the-length" pre-assembled cable, harnesses for audio/visual equipment used in the event industry. Our supplied items are specially designed such that they can be reliably used in mission-critical application as well as in special environment, e.g. outdoor open areas where public safety and equipment reliability are of important concern.
AMPOTEL - Medical IndustryMedical Industry - AMPOTEL does possess key industry knowledge in providing interconnect and cable solution for the medical industry. We provide high quality and reliable solution which can meet high safety standards well recognized by modernized countries.
AMPOTEL - Manufacturing IndustryManufacturing Industry - AMPOTEL is also serving a lot of customers in the manufacturing industry. We supply connectors and cables for enabling machine automation in harsh environment as well as connection parts for use inside electronic devices, e.g. oil resistant flat, flexible cable, low-profile surface mount technology (SMT) connectors, data and power hybrid cable and their harnesses, etc.
AMPOTEL - Telecommunication IndustryTelecommunication Industry - Through distribution partners at different regions, AMPOTEL is currently supplying a complete range of copper- and fiber optic-based telecommunication cables to a dozen of the world's leading telecommunication operators or service providers. Our telecommunication cabling solution is covering items ranging from deployment at infrastructure backbone (e.g. high fiber count fiber optic cable) all the way down to FTTX environment (e.g. drop cable and FTTH cable). We also provide a wide range of high-tech products (e.g. optical transceivers, splitters, radio-over-fiber devices, etc.) that help support implementation of advanced mobile and fiber optic technology in the field.
AMPOTEL - Transport IndustryTransport Industry - AMPOTEL has years of experience working with railway and airport contractors worldwide and we provide connectivity and technology solution for various modern transportation application, including trainborne video signal distribution, trainborne wireless data communication, passenger information display system, etc.

At AMPOTEL, our customers are from different industries and they have different challenges in terms of requirements. Please feel free to Contact Us to let us know your requirements. We will strive to work closely with you to find the right solution.